National Memorial Camp Vught

Commemoration May 4, 2020

To commemorate is to reflect

The measures arising from the package that the government has instituted for the Corona virus will also apply during the commemoration on 4 May 2020. This forces everyone to reflect in an appropriate way on those who fought for our freedom or who were victims in World War II.

National Monument Camp Vught has also developed its own memorial program. By means of a window poster, distributed in the local newspaper ‘Het Klaverblad‘, it is requested to express the commemoration on 4 May. The theme ‘To commemorate is to reflect’ is central in this poster and also on social media. A special television broadcast by Omroep Brabant at different times of the day (on 4 May) brings the memorial ceremony to the people in the living room.

To Commemorate is to reflect

This year, on 4 May, we will commemorate in an adapted way the victims of the Second World War and in particular the victims of Camp Vught. We do this, among other things, by a special memorial broadcast on Omroep Brabant and with this poster. Hang this poster behind your window and express your desire to mirror your thoughts with others, because “to commemorate is to reflect”.




At the request of Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught, the theme ‘To commemorate is to reflect’ was designed for a commemorative poster. In commemoration on May 4 we commemorate our victims from the Second World War. We mirror our thoughts to remain aware of what freedom means and what it takes to maintain it. This line of thought forms the starting point for the typographic conceptual elaboration.
The philosophy of ‘To commemorate is to reflect’ is expressed in a poster expression and translated into social media expressions. By means of animation techniques and an audio fragment of the song “Therefore we are free” by Stef Bos, the social media expressions have been strengthened.