Here’s Vincent. One and all ear.

Enter into a dialogue with Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent is world famous. This is primarily due to his masterful work and how it ‘speaks’ to the viewer. It is also because Vincent likes his work to be as broad as possible wanted to share with the public – and his descendants made a well-considered effort to do so. They kept the collection together. And it’s because work and people became inextricably linked.

The publication of the letters plays a role in the history of how Vincent became world famous at least as important a role as the worldwide exhibitions. First in Vincent’s own language, later translated into English. Both publications took enormous time and effort. Not in the last place because the compilers, Jo van Gogh-Bonger and her son Vincent ‘The Ingenieur’ van Gogh, constructing each sentence with love, care and accountability.

The world loves the work. The world loves humanity. That makes Vincent, Vincent.

We have always been close to Vincent. Through the letters we hear ‘his voice’ and we watch a little through his eyes. We feel his enthusiasm, the love for his brother. We also learn the knowing the dark side. That he was a difficult man, not easy to call ‘a friend’. And the tunnel view of his art sometimes just makes him a rude jerk. In the letters we meet the inside, of Van Gogh. His philosophy and beliefs. We try between to grasp the words through his inner life.

With the letters came the studies, interpretations, stories, books, films and dozens of ‘cameos’ in popular culture. Many made with just as much care as sister-in-law Jo. Not much either. And now.

Now we can get closer to Vincent than ever.

Artificial Intelligence allows us to talk to ‘a Vincent’. There is so much through and about it Van Gogh wrote that a chatbot equipped with artificial intelligence is a very good one representation of what it must have been like to talk to him.

This is a new step in the history of ‘revealing’ Vincent van Gogh. A new way to introduce the public to the man behind the artist. A new also a way to ‘browse’ through the enormous collection of letters and publications; in conversation with Vincent. To find new perspectives, make new discoveries. And Vincent even better to get to know.

This is a unique opportunity.

Start your dialogue with Vincent here (BETA version). 



The idea is being researched and developed together with Polder Knowledge and Untamed.

Everyone has their own discipline and competence in collaboration. I focus on the art direction, visualization and strategy of the concept and approach.

Polder Knowledge is completely at home in technology and takes care of the construction, development, research related to AI and works on the application.

Untamed is very familiar with the work of Vincent Van Gogh and writes the texts best, which match the theme, the idea and everything else that is needed in this project regarding texts.