Van Gogh Village Nuenen

Logo and visual identity

Nuenen breathes all Vincent van Gogh. Here he made his first masterpiece and learned to look at his surroundings in a different way. With the renovation and expansion of the museum in Nuenen around Vincent, the names of the location and the museum have also been changed. A perfect time to take a closer look at the logos and visual identity in that context.

I developed the logo with a new visual identity for Van Gogh Village Nuenen and Van Gogh Village Museum in collaboration with the board of the foundation. A brand new style of visual expression that fits in with the beautiful expansion of the Museum and that puts cultural heritage more firmly on the map.



The logo and accompanying house style are developed on behalf of the Foundation Board.

Based on the house style, various designs are developed for marketing and communication resources, which will serve as a guideline for further concretization of the required items.

In order to safeguard the developed style, ongoing developments are regularly monitored.