Van Gogh Sunflower Tour

Cycle past 435 km of sunflowers in Brabant

Cycling through the Vincent landscape
The Brabant landscape as Vincent saw it is still visible in the places where he lived and worked. We see the vistas, objects and monuments in the landscape that tell us how Vincent saw it. We see it in his letter sketches, letters and work. Vincent crossed Brabant; from Zundert, Etten-Leur to Nuenen. As a result, there are many places that we can pass through
making Vincent’s eyes look at the landscape.

Van Gogh Cycle Route as a basis
The bicycle is an ideal way to see and enjoy much of this beauty. That is also the reason that VisitBrabant Routebureau
has developed the Van Gogh Cycle Route, plotted via junctions and with a total distance of 435 kilometers. The route exists
consists of 10 different stages and can be ridden per loop or in combination. There are well-known sights along the route
(Point of Interest) from Vincent’s ‘legacy’. The well-known and existing Van Gogh Cycle Route is the basic route for the Van Gogh Sunflower Tour 2024.



Idea and concept development.

Development of the copy platform in collaboration with Bas.

Discussing, sharing, connecting and activating involvement around the defined ambitions of the idea.