Ecological Monitoring Network

Logo, website and visual identity

The NEM (Ecological Monitoring Network) structurally investigates nature in the Netherlands. Where do we stand? What is going on in the Netherlands and how are things going? The NEM maps the trends; from birds and mammals to mushrooms and butterflies.

To do this well, the NEM collaborates with all kinds of organizations. We collect data with a large group of enthusiastic volunteers. People, gathered in species organizations, who are involved in the nature of the Netherlands and are happy to help to get a good picture of it.

The NEM is a partnership between the Ministries of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and Infrastructure and Water Management, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the Central Bureau of Statistics and the provinces.

The NEM is an authority in the field of ecological monitoring. This important position is being reshaped in a new website and a matching corporate identity and visual identity. Tomas Concept + Creation took care of these parts. Polder Knowledge took care of the front end and back end of the brand new website.



The new logo was created in close collaboration with Polder Knowledge and the NEM.

With the new logo as a guideline, the visual style for the website and associated components have been developed.

A website concept has been developed in close consultation with Polder Knowledge, which realizes the front end and back end of the website.