Tomas Concept + Creation shapes your brand, product or service. You know what you want to achieve. And Tomas invents and creates the shape that best suits it. Tomas builds communication from a central idea. Everything that arises from that can be realized. From 2D to 3D, from stationary to moving. From music to voice-over. Online or offline. Nothing is impossible.

Pragmatic and effective

​We put our customers on edge and like to eat. We listen carefully, are interested in processes and history, read carefully, ask questions and challenge. Concept and creation go hand in hand. We like an effective and pragmatic working method. And above all; we do it together: maximum control with minimal effort and zero worries. These are characteristics that suit Tomas.

Tomas services

Tomas Concept + Creation provides all communication services. Produced in-house, or together within our rock-solid network of professional and dedicated professionals. Our relations are enthusiastic about concept development, analytical skills, knowledge of various markets, full support in communication, high-quality visual creativity and project management with start-up energy.

Wild ideas

We have wild ideas. We like to do what we love. And we have the infectious enthusiasm to turn ideas into sympathetic projects.
Tomas makes beautiful van Gogh shoes. And yes, Tomas has developed a real Van Gogh bicycle with a sunflower design. And Tomas continuously builds new, independent concepts where fun, contentment and storytelling come together.



Cross-pollination. We believe in that. Sharing knowledge. Connecting people and organizations and inspiring each other. This produces the most innovative plans. The most surprising and effective campaigns. And endless new prospects.


If you want to communicate successfully, you have to think big, implement smartly, and maintain carefully. That’s more important than any witty campaign or smart slogan. Bigger than you were yesterday, with (probably) the same budget. More personal, more relevant, more involved, we support at every level. From policy and strategy to a trade fair or a nice folder. We can carry out partial processes, work on projects, or take over entire parts of the communication. We like to help, are flexible and want to be the best in every job.

ICT and technical industry

A sector that is notoriously difficult to connect with the public it serves. The topics are almost always specialist, niche and complex. We know the themes, domains and expert content.

We understand the language of the people who have something to say. And we can tell that story so that it sticks – while retaining depth. A sincere sector that we have known for more than twenty years and that guide honest, sympathetic entrepreneurs and organizations.

Culture and leisure

Where you come from. How you express yourself. What is in the country that determines you. And how you can experience those life-defining elements in a stimulating way.

We fell in love with all aspects of this industry. In addition to meaningful work with great subjects, the market itself is fresh and is always looking for renewed contact with an ever-changing target group.
This is the sector of the connection – a sector to our heart.

Millux: Visual Identity and Repositioning

Millux: Visual Identity and Repositioning

Millux, leading in micro-precision laser processing Visual identityPrecision laser processing for industrial applications Millux was founded in 1988. In recent years, the company has continued to innovate and invest in the latest laser techniques. As a result, Millux...

National Memorial Camp Vught: Commemoration May 4

National Memorial Camp Vught: Commemoration May 4

National Memorial Camp Vught Commemoration May 4, 2020To commemorate is to reflect The measures arising from the package that the government has instituted for the Corona virus will also apply during the commemoration on 4 May 2020. This forces everyone to reflect in...

VisitBrabant Routebureau: Reise+camping 2020

VisitBrabant Routebureau: Reise+camping 2020

VisitBrabant Reise + Camping 2020 in EssenFrom February 26 to March 1, VisitBrabant presented the most beautiful locations and walking and cycling routes at the Reise + Camping 2020 in Essen. An overview of Brabant with cycle route junctions, the practical ins and...


Cycling acts as a catalyst for developing ideas and inspiration. You also get to know your immediate environment well and see nature change with the seasons. And if you have cycling buddies, it is also very nice and a great way to socialize.

Tomas shares his passion on Strava with other cyclists, and also likes to see where you cycle. Click and connect!