Zuiderwaterlinie hiking trail

Zuiderlinie North Brabant

The Zuiderwaterlinie is the oldest, longest and most used of all Dutch waterlines. All the way from Bergen op Zoom to Grave. A unique chain of 11 Brabant fortified towns and their surrounding countryside, connected by the typical Dutch story of defending with the water.

Where the soldiers used to stand at the border, you can now find Brabant conviviality against the backdrop of a rich history. Enjoy the cozy historic fortified cities, visit the sturdy fortresses or relax in the special nature.

The Zuiderwaterlinie hiking trail is plotted over the Brabant hiking junction system. The walking route is recognizable by the green-and-yellow signposting with the Zuiderwaterlinie symbol.

The total length of the walking path in Brabant is 290 kilometers, but you can also choose to hike shorter routes. The hiking folder can be ordered here.



Tomas developed the concept of the route binder in collaboration with the VisitBrabant Routebureau team. A practical handy binder with a 2-ring mechanism, with a triptych interior with information and route maps.
Information and basic ingredients were provided. Tomas designed the binder and the entire interior and provided the ready-to-print production files for the realization of the binders.