Reise + Camping 2020 in Essen

From February 26 to March 1, VisitBrabant presented the most beautiful locations and walking and cycling routes at the Reise + Camping 2020 in Essen. An overview of Brabant with cycle route junctions, the practical ins and outs of the junction routes were indicated. The most beautiful locations are highlighted in a very complete magazine and practical accommodation combinations are offered. The German guests will no longer learn about Brabant, where it is, what is going on and especially what the highlights are, which make a visit worthwhile.



Tomas Concept + Creation provides the art direction for the Brabant Remembers program. The campaign style is laid down in a practical manual for internal and external use. The chosen design is applied consistently throughout the campaign.
The development and elaboration of the book with 75 personal life-changing stories is an extensive project. With a solid team on the content, project management on the customer side and a team on the elaboration of the more than 300-page book.