RAV Brabant MWN

Redesign corporate website

Ambulance and communication

The Dutch ambulance services are spread over twenty-five safety regions. These Regional Ambulance Facilities (RAVs) work closely together to provide the best possible assistance. The RAV Brabant Midden-West-Noord does this for almost all of Brabant. RAV Brabant MWN takes its social task seriously and works on communication. So that it suits the time, new target groups, and new ways of communicating.

Education as a public service

Part of the communication is education to a young audience. We support the team that gives substance and form to the teaching package concept ‘Team Ambulance’ – for the lower and upper years of primary education. We set up inspiration sessions with employees who serve as a starting point for the substantive and visual elaboration. The textbooks, PowerPoint formats, and scripts.



The RAV Brabant MWN website was due for renewal. The underlying technology was outdated and no longer optimally secured. A great time to take a close look at the entire website concept. Tomas was given the opportunity to let go of his vision of it. The presented concept was embraced by the organization and served as the basis for its realization.
Based on the presented concept, Tomas put together a team of specialists who, together with the policy and Marcom manager of the RAV, realize the project. The art direction and project management was provided by Tomas.