Thirty-nine van Gogh monuments

Travel plays a major role in the many letters Vincent van Gogh wrote to his loved ones. Various places in Brabant set the inspiring tone for later masterpieces. Thirty-nine of those places meet the criteria for being a Van Gogh Monument. Still separate from all those places Vincent visited in the Netherlands, England, Belgium and France

Personal passion becomes a unique product

Tomas Snels loves road bikes. And Tomas has a thing for Van Gogh (which Brabander doesn’t). He combined these passions in the design of a unique Van Gogh road bike. When he met Jim and Ted Cranen of Unlimited Colors, the plan took off. They developed the Vincent Van Gogh Giant Aero Road Bike – and the Van Gogh Sites Foundation, Giant Benelux and Giant Wordwide joined immediately.

Tomas and Unlimited Colors produce the bikes on request. Each bicycle is unique because of the Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers on the frame. Buyers receive the bicycle with a unique serial number, wall brackets and a floor stand. Naturally, the bike meets all the expectations of a professional Aero Road Bike.

Accelerate through collaboration

Tomas presented the prototype to Giant Benelux and the Van Gogh Sites Foundation. After enthusiastic reception, the parties agreed the following: a part of each sale goes to the Van Gogh Sites Foundation, so each bicycle contributes a little to the preservation of the Van Gogh Monuments in Brabant.

Not long after, the launch during the criterium in Etten-Leur was a great event. The bicycle has now become known worldwide thanks to publications in several magazines, cycling platforms, newspapers and magazines. The one-off production of a TCR model with sunflowers, especially for Tom Dumoulin, generated extra attention.



Tomas likes developing ideas and concepts and then making them concrete. With the development of the Van Gogh road bike that is sold worldwide, four elements of passion merge; art, culture, technology and sports.
The idea of developing a unique Van Gogh bicycle had been going through Tomas’s mind for some time. Sketches, visuals in combination with the storyline formed the basis for the development of the idea.
The idea forms the basis. It brings together the ingredients that are translated into the design of the product (the bicycle), the visual style and marketing and communication expressions.
The development of a unique and distinctive product provides a huge spin-off to media attention. Various channels (online and offline) at home and abroad have published about it.
The unique van Gogh road bike is presented at events at home and abroad. Among others in Germany, the Netherlands, United Emigrates..
The development of such a high-quality product is only possible in collaboration with partners who radiate equal ambition and maintain a quality level. In development of the Vincent van Gogh giant Aero Road Bike, Unlimited Colors is the specialist in the realization of the design on the bicycle. Giant Benelux is the partner in development and delivery of the road bike. And the Van Gogh Heritage Sites is the knowledge and network partner and a contribution is made to the preservation of the Van Gogh Monuments in Brabant when the unique bicycle is sold.
From my childhood I have been looking at the work of Vincent van Gogh. Full of wonder and enjoyment I still do when I see his work passing by. What a quality. What a masterpieces.
Tomas Snels

Art Director, Tomas Concept + Creation


Origin of the original idea

The idea to develop a unique Vincent van Gogh road bike came about a few years ago. In this video the history of origin is illustrated in an illustrative way.

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Unique TCR with Van Gogh’s sunflowers

Als blijk van waardering en de mooie samenwerking van vele jaren, maar ook als huwelijksgeschenk, wilde Giant Tom Dumoulin iets speciaals aanbieden. Al snel ontstond het idee om een speciale editie van de Vincent van Gogh fiets te ontwikkelen op basis van het model waar Tom wereldberoemde overwinningen behaalde; de GIANT TCR.




Download the product brochure here with a brief summary of the unique bicycle and the accompanying specifications that applied during the launch.

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Interested in the unique limited Van Gogh Aero Road Bike? Please feel free to contact Tomas Snels for more information.