Brabant and Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh (born in Zundert, North Brabant, 1853) lived in various Brabant villages in his youth. His work inspires millions; people who are touched by work and want to know more about him – for example about his youth. Brabant is proud to be Vincent’s homeland and a lasting source of inspiration. What Vincent saw in Brabant can still be seen.

Complete the story together

That is why Brabant is committed to Van Gogh’s Brabant. By managing monuments with care, preserving important locations and continuing to research them. Vincent’s life in Brabant now flourishes more fully and completely, both nationally and internationally. In addition to governments, entrepreneurial Brabant also takes responsibility with new initiatives, forms of cooperation and concepts.

Van Gogh Sites Foundation is committed to preserving the monuments and gives substance to the policy surrounding Vincent van Gogh in Brabant. Van Gogh Brabant is the label focused on consumer communication. VisitBrabant facilitates the operational roll-out of the policy. And we support VisitBrabant in this.

Sleek, convincing and inspiring

Our role is diverse – we join the strategy for the implementation of policy, develop concepts for concrete projects, take up communication for others and in many cases provide creative implementation. Participating parties appreciate how clear and clear communication remains in a network of involved organizations and stakeholders.


Van Gogh Monuments in Brabant

There are no fewer than 39 locations in Brabant that can be characterized as a Van Gogh Monument. A book, provided with substantive characteristics of the locations concerned and an overview regional map, provides insight into the total offer.

View the book in Issuu.


In collaboration with the Van Gogh Sites Foundation team, Tomas Concept + Creation works on various Van Gogh expressions. Below is an explanation of the expertise provided by Tomas Concept + Creation.

The Van Gogh Sites Foundation is a dynamic organization that is constantly on the move to put Vincent Van Gogh’s cultural heritage in Brabant on the international map. Tomas Concept + Creation supports the organization in developing the visual expressions. Both 2D and 3D, and both online and offline.
The house style is monitored and consistently implemented in every conceivable expression. Design goes together with implementation and supervision of the parts to be developed.
The transfer of knowledge and awareness of our cultural heritage of Vincent in Brabant often takes place through events. The design style and translation into invitations, e-mailers, decor and screen display are supported by Tomas Concept + Creation.
The corporate identity of the foundation, in conjunction with the heritage sites involved, is monitored centrally by the VisitBrabant team and the Van Gogh Sites Foundation. Tomas Concept + Creation works together with the team to optimize the identity of the different labels.
We can be proud that one of the greatest artists in the world is born and bred from Brabant. You cycle and walk in Brabant in the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh. It is therefore wonderful to be able to contribute to telling this story!
Tomas Snels

Art Director, Tomas Concept + Creation



Van Gogh Sites Foundation Annual Report

The 2018 annual report provides a nice and complete overview of the activities carried out by the Van Gogh Sites Foundation.

View the document in Issuu.