Fine NFT’s Van Gogh Monuments

Van Gogh Sites Foundation will offer NFTs from September 2022. NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. An NFT is a certificate with which the buyer becomes the owner of a unique digital object. NFTs are often used for digital art. The digital code of the object is stored in a blockchain and the NFT is traded. The NFTs are an initiative of, Van Gogh Brabant and Tomas Concept + Creation.

NFTs associated with Van Gogh Monuments

The new NFTs are linked to the Van Gogh Monuments in Brabant. They raise awareness of the heritage in Asia and provide a new source of funding for its preservation. The developers have created unique digital content for a selection of Van Gogh Monuments based on a tree leaf from the location. The leaf represents Vincent’s birthplace and is a sign of his short life as an artist and the influences of nature that would remain with him throughout his career. The special thing about this NFT is that the tree leaf is digitized and then sold in a limited edition as a 3D printed version. A small documentary is made of the entire making process for each location. Fine NFTs are offered on With the purchase, the buyer becomes the certificate holder of a share of Van Gogh Sites NV, which invests in the Van Gogh heritage in Brabant.

The NFTs are released in different editions, ranging in price from amounts around USD 750 to USD 10,000. The deluxe edition combines the digital object with a 3D printed sheet in a special presentation.

The Fine NFT was conceived by Emily Cheung, CEO of, and originated from a Chinese-European cultural program aimed at getting to know each other and exchange. The Fine NFT reaches a young Asian target group for whom European cultural heritage normally remains outside the focus area. (Shanghai) developed ‘Fine NFT’s Van Gogh Monuments’ together with Tomas Concept + Creation (‘s-Hertogenbosch) and the Van Gogh Sites Foundation (Oisterwijk). After launch in Asia, Fine NFTs will also be launched in Europe and the United States.

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In collaboration with Van Gogh Sites Foundation and ,Tomas Concept + Creation has developed the Van Gogh Fine Art NFTs. Below is an explanation of the expertise provided by Tomas Concept + Creation.

After a joint brainstorming session, Tomas set to work on the elaboration of a first concept. DThe elaboration was presented to the stakeholders in the project and served as a basic document for further realization.

Based on the concept, the basic components of the idea were designed and further elaborated in detail.

With the idea and the design components as a guideline, the various parts within the campaign and the program were designed under art direction and with the help of a composed team.

The elaboration of the campaign and components required a great deal of expertise. For this, team members with the necessary competencies were selected and supervised in the creative process.

The execution of the campaign and the required items were supervised in production and realization for delivery during the kick-off in Hong Kong.

I look back with pride on the realization of the first Vincent Van Gogh NFTs linked to cultural heritage in Brabant.

Tomas Snels

Art Director, Tomas Concept + Creation