World player in connectivity

TE Connectivity has a product range of thousands of products and approximately 80,000 employees worldwide. This makes the organization a global player in the design and production of connectivity and sensor technologies for various industries. TE Connectivity has customers in 140 countries.

Innovate faster …

Technology is gaining momentum. Globalization and the internet make it possible for organizations to group themselves together and to safeguard their future in a bundled form. These global players have a prominent market position and are innovating rapidly to stay ahead of competitors. Engineers thus work together worldwide on the next generation in technology.

… communicate better

TE Connectivity has a location in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Since 1999, we have been developing and producing all kinds of means of communication for this location. Together with engineers, directors of departments, marcom in the United States of America and Germany, we work on communication to bring the many innovations to the attention of the target group. From trade fair presentations to VR applications, from animation to campaigns and interior solutions to signing.

Tomas Concept + Creation has been working for TE Connectivity for several decades now. For years, support has been provided at all levels within the worldwide organization for marketing and communication projects. Below are descriptions of some disciplines TE Connectitvity Tomas knows how to find.
Technological developments are developed specifically and tailored to the target group by TE Connectivity. In collaboration with Marcom and engineers, marketing and communication tools are worked out in concept and then developed.
In order to draw specific attention to innovative product developments, custom tool kits and product packaging are developed. The concept, visualization and realization are fully provided by Tomas.
By means of animation and product visualization, a process or operation can be perfectly depicted. Such projects are realized in short lines with engineers, in which co-creation plays an important role in the process. A working method that fits in with the vision of Tomas Concept + Creation.
By bringing product samples closer to the end user, TE Connectivity offers a practical way to directly test and experience innovative products. The in-store promotion kits are developed by Tomas in concept and produced in series.
It’s nice to look back on a relationship that has lasted more than 20 years. Being able to move along with the developments of a global player such as TE Connectivity is challenging and incredibly fun.
Tomas Snels

Art Director, Tomas Concept + Creation

Connectivity is emphatically present in the development and application of robotics and cobots. In the worldwide marcom activities, TE Connectivity applies these visualized themes to various target groups and channels. Tomas Concept + Creation developed the visual concept and the realization of a series of key visuals.
TE Connectivity is constantly working on innovative solutions within the production environment. To share the most recent developments, fair visitors are taken on a virtual tour of the smart production environment. Tomas Concept + Creation developed and produced the BR animation and accompanying exhibition presentation.