Ambulance and communication

The Dutch ambulance services are spread over twenty-five safety regions. These Regional Ambulance Facilities (RAVs) work closely together to provide the best possible assistance. The RAV Brabant Midden-West-Noord does this for almost all of Brabant. RAV Brabant MWN takes its social task seriously and works on communication. So that it suits the time, new target groups, and new ways of communicating.

Education as a public service

Part of the communication is education to a young audience. We lead the team that gives substance and shape to the teaching package concept ‘Team Ambulance’ – for the lower and upper years of primary education. We set up inspiration sessions with employees who serve as a starting point for the substantive and visual elaboration. The textbooks, PowerPoint formats, and scripts, in combination with fresh animations, give thousands of students a positive, informative first acquaintance with the ins and outs of the ambulance.

Communication as a lively part of emergency care

In parallel, we refresh the website. We also organize a few sessions with employees for this. The input takes shape in a new look and feel. When working out, we pay attention to current technical requirements and site usage. Oh yes, texts contribute as much to the experience and accessibility as the design. We think broadly and ensure that the style and tone have room for developing other components; such as guidelines, labor market communication, training and so on.



The Regional Ambulance Facility Brabant Mid-West-North is an organization with a vision. We look at improving services, optimizing processes and strengthening the organizational structure and employees. The marketing and communication expressions are constantly optimized and tuned to the most recent developments. Tomas Concept + Creation supported on internal and external communication. Below are some disciplines that are used by the RAV Brabant Mid-West-North.
The ambulance service is working on a current and up-to-date appearance. A new communication style and message has been defined in close collaboration with policymakers and marketing and communication employees, which provides a fresh and appropriate image of the current organization.
When refreshing the appearance of the organization (in text, image, and design elements) a new design style is needed. A translation of corporate identity ingredients into the entire marketing and communication mix. Tomas Concept + Creation has laid the foundation and is working on the style elements.
The tone of voice that the world applies in internal and external communication partly determines how people experience the organization and what feeling it evokes. So very relevant. When developing the new website, the foundation is laid in the copy platform. Style elements have been determined and serve as a guideline for further applications.
An ambulance and the employees remain an exciting thing for children to watch. Since they can develop into potential employees, educational programs are given early on in schools. A specially composed and tailor-made curriculum, consisting of various resources, is used in schools in Brabant. This package has been developed in collaboration with The Vector Monkeys and Loepzuiver.
Respect. First of all, I have that for the Ambulance Service and its employees. People who drove lives, do their work in all circumstances and strive for optimal service. It is therefore nice to be able to work for this organization and to get a peek in the kitchen at this beautiful organization.
Tomas Snels

Art Director, Tomas Concept + Creation


A complete teaching program

Children are informed about the ins and outs of the Ambulance service with a complete educational program, consisting of an animation, textbook, work attachments for lower and upper classes, a book mock up, downloads and scripts for teachers. With dessert on the cake, a visit to a real ambulance in the schoolyard!