Renewed from experience

Joanknecht is a household name in Eindhoven among family businesses. For decades, the accountancy agency has guided and supported family businesses and the entrepreneurs who manage them. With one hundred and twenty-five employees, Joanknecht continues to innovate, keeping pace with social and technical developments.

Partnership in strategy and creation (since 2017)

In that process, Joanknecht heralds a new phase and takes a close look at processes, approach and profiling. We join in to sharpen the proposition and develop a strategy for the organization of marketing and communication. This starts with a name change and redesign of the house style with a visual language that can be used in all expressions. We are developing a new pay-off: Together we make a future.

The core of communication is versatility and maneuverability. Nothing is static, everything is highly adaptable and by keeping in constant contact with the people of Joanknecht, the communication to visually fresh is always sharp in terms of content.


Tomas Concept + Creation supports, in close collaboration with Joanknecht‘s marketing and communication team and the Graficonnect team, in sharpening the proposition and elaborating the marketing and communication. Below are a few disciplines with a brief explanation of the activities provided by Tomas.

A thorough research, various conversations with colleagues within the organization, and frequent consultations with the marketing and communication team, have provided the input to sharpen the proposition.

Together with the renewed proposition, the name and pay off of the organization were also examined. Joanknecht & Van Zelst has become Joanknecht short and sweet, with the payoff ‘Making future together’.
A new name and a new pay-off also require a fresh look at the entire design of Joanknecht’s expressions. Tomas developed a completely new visual style, which has been developed into concrete resources by the joint partner Graficonnect.
Specific themes are elaborated in elaboration of the communication mix at Joanknecht. A landing page, mailings, visuals and other resources are elaborated on the themes to be put down strongly. In concept, the themes are elaborated by Tomas Concept + Creation, after which they are created internally or with partners.
Joanknecht thinks proactively. They have been doing this since 1948. Changing with the world around them, while preserving the core values, is Joanknecht’s own. Being able to contribute to the development and support of marketing and communication for Joanknecht is challenging and grateful.
Tomas Snels

Art Director, Tomas Concept + Creation