75 years, 75 stories

Stichting Crossroads Brabant ’40 -’45 is committed to celebrating in 2019 and 2020 our freedom that we have cherished since 1945. A cultural program puts the theme of “75 years of freedom in Brabant” on the map. 75 stories from Brabant during the Second World War. One for every year in freedom. The stories are the starting point of the program and are told in various ways under the title “Brabant Remembers, 75 personal life changing war stories”.

Talk about freedom together

The theme of Freedom is important in the agenda of our cabinet; it will receive extra attention nationally and provincially. In collaboration with prominent Brabant war-related locations (such as Overloon War Museum, National Monument Camp Vught and Museum Liberating Wings), the province of North Brabant, Europe Remembers and the vfonds, the Crossroads Foundation is shaping the program towards various target groups at home and abroad.

International image, local impact

It is a multi-year project that reaches a wide target group through various activities with great diversity. Communication focuses on local initiatives. The Crossroads Foundation works together with VisitBrabant. In close collaboration with all involved VisitBrabant team members, we work on all types of marketing and communication resources related to the program.

Commissioned by VisitBrabant and Stichting Crossroads ’40 -’45, and in collaboration with the team involved, Tomas Concept + Creation works intensively on the Brabant Remembers campaign. Below is an explanation of the expertise provided by Tomas Concept + Creation.
In the run-up to the campaign, Tomas Concept + Creation laid the foundations for developing the campaign design. The principles in design and style elements have been established by means of a brand book. During the campaign, further expressions were designed by Tomas or it was created under art direction.
The joined campaign is dynamic in structure and structure. This requires input of ideas, anticipating the ongoing developments. Tomas Concept + Creation cooperates or serves as a savings partner based on the wishes that arise during the campaign.
Central to the Brabant Remembers campaign are 75 personal life-changing stories from the Second World War. The stories are summarized in an extensive book, designed by Tomas Concept + Creation.
The Brabant Remembers campaign consists of a wide variety of activities and events. To support this, media campaigns are designed by Tomas for both online and offline communications.
Every event that is part of the Brabant Remembers campaign needs specific expressions. The necessary expressions are designed according to the basic style elements of the campaign.
With pride I look at the book with 75 personal life-changing stories. And of which I have been able to supply one story that is included in this bundle.
Tomas Snels

Art Director, Tomas Concept + Creation