Overloon War Museum

Landmark ‘On the other side’

A landmark with meaning

War Museum Overloon and German Military Cemetery Ysselsteyn are located about sixteen kilometers apart. The two places have a lot to do with each other. To begin with, they help the Netherlands to remember. They provide a place of information, consideration and depth. They give visitors the opportunity to get to know World War II better. And they help ask the critical questions. From interesting facts, historical objects and amazing stories to recognizable portraits and nuance, the two places complement each other. However, this is not yet clearly reflected for visitors at the moment.

The assignment is to bring the two places together. To find a substantive and practical connection. So that it goes without saying that when you visit one, you also go to the other.

Based on these principles, the concept ‘On the other side’ was developed on behalf of the Overloon War Museum.

… The shared stories of a war museum and a German Military Cemetery.

A visit to both locations via the designated cycling route provides insight and reflection. Resting points have been installed at various locations along the route. A bench where you can take a seat, and where you are reminded by the applied silhouette of the possibility to view the war past from different sides.




Tomas Concept + Creation developed the concept ‘On the other side’ for the Overloon War Museum. Integral, various expressions were developed within the concept that contribute to strengthening the concept. This spatial design is one of the parts that connect to the theme.
The connecting route between the location of the War Museum and the cemetery in Ysselsteyn inspired Tomas to develop the design. Use a resting place to come to your senses. The silhouette design is also a great way to get the message across through social media. People quickly sit down in the figure and take a picture of it to share.