Overloon War Museum

Unique bicycle bridge through museum

Overview of the collection

In War Museum Overloon a unique bicycle bridge has been developed that attracts worldwide attention. The museum is located in a nature reserve with many cycling routes.

It is now possible to cycle through the museum via the existing bicycle route. A unique experience that introduces recreational, sports and cultural visitors to the museum in this way. By cycling over the special bicycle bridge through the museum, the visitor gets an idea of what can be seen in the museum. The passage is freely accessible.




The visualization of the bicycle bridge was realized with technical drawings, site visits and a detailed briefing as starting point. Sketches, color choice, materialization and design elements are designed and determined to be applied in a completely modeled environment. Stills and renderings were made of the digital model that could be used in various ways and moments in the communication surrounding the project.

After modeling the digital model, content is generated for application in various communication channels. Videos, stills. In daylight, evening setting, at night. All possibilities are conceivable to make the conceptual philosophy and design transferable.