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Flow+ helps entrepreneurs and their business to go beyond what they themselves think is possible. Flow+ supports the entrepreneur in his growth and personal development with personal attention, quality and trust. Flow+ assists entrepreneurs in finding, defining and implementing sustainable policies.

Inspired by people and work.
Motivated by success and personal growth.



After an extensive briefing and several brainstorming sessions, Tomas Concept + Creation developed the basic concept. Consisting of a name idea, proposition, visual style and copy platform. A newly founded company got a name and face!
Words evaporate, what is written remains. In a new identity to be formed, it is basically determined which Tone of Voice can be used outside. The copy platform we wrote gives a complete first impression of basic texts that are applied in marketing and communication.
The look and feel of an organization does not only consist of a logo and corporate identity items. It includes a complete package of graphic elements, illustrations, photos and designs. The entire package was designed for Flow +.


For Flow +, the first basic texts were written that apply to the prominent marketing and communication tools. Style forms are determined in the copy platform and the central message takes shape.

Concept sketch of key visual

Illustrative elaboration of key visual